To successfully run and grow todays Business Empires which are financially stretched larger than GDPs of several countries , you dont just need business leaders but you require BUSINESS EMPERORS.

About Us

Business Emperors is An Executive & Board Search Firm.

We find leaders who build winning business. As a Retained executive search firm. We work with organisation to fill senior level executive jobs (CEO, CFO, CIO, VP, Directors) or specialised professional positions.


Our services help clients identify top performers that not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organization. More than simply offering our clients a list of potential candidates, we look at market availability, use comparative benchmarking and work to ensure that we find the solution that best fits both the client and the candidate.


We work with clients for this product on an exclusive basis so as to ensure appropriate presentation and positioning of client brand and maintain highest level of confidentiality. It is an exclusively crafted niche placement service designed keeping in mind confidentiality and attention these profiles would require.


We work in partnership with clients to exhaustively understand their strategic, financial and operational issues. We review their organisation structure, business model, future plans and work culture before finding out most fit leaders who would be responsible for spearheading the growth of organisation through stiff world-wide competition. We collaboratively define executive positions, qualifications and potential sources of talent.


Our activities are among the most comprehensive and most professional in the industry. The industry- sector knowledge ensures that our clients have access to the most qualified candidates for every position. The process we have developed, supported by our research capabilities, is designed to attract and hire the best talent available in the national and international market.


Business Emperors is an Executive & Board Search Arm of Universal Hunt Group, which is a highly diversified Business Consulting Firm with its core focus on Human Resource Solutions. It’s clientele is present across all countries, industries.


In addition to finding top talent, we would be involved from pre-interview stage, to negotiations and ensure that the new appointment is appropriately communicated to the right structures within the organization.


For board level search we ensure that organization's board is composed of an appropriate balance of non- executive directors in terms of skills, experience, representation and having an awareness and interest in governance issues. The search for Independent Directors can differ quite extensively from that for senior executives.


This process would be handled by the professional experts connected to the senior management of different companies.

Our Consultants

Anatomy of Business Emperors Consultants

  • Disciplined People......Disciplined Thoughts.......Disciplined Actions
  • Profoundly relevant industry and functional experience.
  • Rigorously trained for execution methodologies and relevant educational background.
  • Ability to have 360 degree vision of the organization structure: Seeing and understanding Business Drivers and accordingly deriving value adding solutions to run that business.
  • Refined listening skills aids in understanding needs of clients and its stakeholders to arrive at win-win situation.
  • Polished and professional oral communication skills with ability to interact with all members of company team and external ecosystem.
  • Refined document creation and MIS management skills enhancing the efficiency of execution.
  • Intestinal fortitude and ability to take heavy-lifting of projects, a rare but necessary prerequisite when project timelines are tight and deadlines looming.
  • Leadership Search Process

    Leadership Search Process

    Leadership search process is scientifically designed and is carried out in a phased manner. It is carried out by trained consultants increasing probability of success at every stage reducing the possibility of missing out the potential candidate.

    Trust and Communication

    At Business Emperors we begin the Recruitment Process by Understanding our Clients as corporate and as individuals. Without client partner approach we can’t achieve our objectives. Partnership is essential to understanding, communication, identification, negotiation and closure. Sometimes we spend weeks to develop relationship before an assignment begins.

    Assigning Mandate to Business Emperors

    Assignment begins by signing Letter of Engagement with Business Emperorss. Intent of letter is to outline our understanding of recruitment process and key elements of success. It is done in conjunction with needs and requirements of clients incorporating some industry standards.


    Understanding the organization
    Following extensive consultation with the client about their needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its culture, business - products, services, size and market place position, future plans as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. We would try to understand the way in which that business is carried out, the style and culture of the Board and how Directors and Management interact so that it can be best represented to potential Executives.

    The Opportunity Presentation
    The objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile is developed. At the same time, package of materials is collated that accurately describes the firm and the opportunity to interested parties.

    Market Scan
    Preliminary background research is conducted to ascertain that the assignment is a viable project for both Business Emperors and client.

    Search Strategy
    A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed with the client, often calling on the vast experience and creativity of the consultant. This is a critical step because it defines the direction of the search. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analyzed.


    Initial Contact
    Potential candidates from Business Emperors Premium Club are thoroughly screened; their qualification is examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised.
    Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed of progress and findings. A list of qualified candidates together with brief profile is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications.
    Our Premium Consultants are trained to look beyond the essential job criteria to identify the softer skills and personal attributes, which lead to a closer fit and to a better appointment for our clients.

    Comprehensive candidate reports and market updates are also provided to the client.

    Candidate Meetings
    Candidates are then asked to come forward. After each session, feedback is obtained from all parties and interest levels on both sides are carefully monitored and expressed to both parties.


    Both the client and the candidate are supported to discuss, design and structure competitive and equitable package.

    Extensive and formal reference checks are undertaken to confirm candidate’s career achievement.

    After the successful candidate has been appointed and begun their assignment, we maintain ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure smooth integration into the organization and at the same time assure the achievement of performance goals. At this stage, we can also take on the communication of the new appointment to the press and inside the organization, if required.

    Set-in Period

    Because success of Business Emperors depends on the performance of candidates our clients hire, we feel its extremely important to keep in touch with both client and candidate following the placement of individual. We check with both parties to ensure successful integration into our clients culture.


    Welcome to the world of SUCCESS and GROWTH

    BUSINESS EMPERRORS is An Executive and Board Search Arm of Universal Hunt Group which is a diversified Business Consulting Firm with core focus on Human Resource Solutions.

    We have developed an Intelligent in-house talent management software, which auto-matches best possible candidate with suitable job profile, based on multiple parameters fed by you.

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